Outstanding Papuan Students in US asked to contribute to the Development of Their Native Land


CALIFORNIA – A number of Papuan Students currently pursuing their degree in California, US were asked to give positive contribution to their native province. All nine students were invited to dinner with Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi, The President’s Chief of Staff Teten Masduki and The President’s Special Assistant Ari Dwipayana between the ASEAN-US Summit festivities (14/2). All 9 outstanding individuals are on full scholarship at the California State University San Bernardino.

Ari Dwipayana highlighted that Jokowi’s administration has a deep commitment to increase the connectivity in Papua, including finishing the road from Wamena to Jayapura to lower the cost of goods in Papua. The President also made a commitment to visit Papua 3 times a year.

“As soon as they finish their study, these students are expected to come back and help build Papua.”said Ari Dwipayana.

Ari also added that currently there are 16 Papuan students currently pursuing their studies in California State University (CSU), San Bernardino, California, United States.

From 16 students, 10 had been studying in CSU since 2014 and are expected to graduate in 2019. They are Brenda Rumwaropen (Enviromental Studies); Beatrix Imbab (Bio Chemistry); Emma Aud (Health Science Management); Yull Elin Mare (Environmental Studies); Insoraki Rahmawati (Mathematics); Aprilia Bano (Health Care Management); Richard Mehue (Computer Engineering); Yosias Sapari (Computer Engineering) dan Citrakasih Kaigere (Bio-Informatics)  and Semele Hesegem (Business).

The rest of the students have only started at the beginning of 2016 and are scheduled to graduate in 2021.


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